Groovy drinks lounge at the Mercure London Bridge Hotel
When I was in London in August Alison, one of my many young first cousins once removed, suggested we meet for drinks at this hip new South Bank hotel, down the road from Roast (see my previous post on that). Ali is tall, smart and gorgeous. Her father, also tall, smart and gorgeous, and I were born two weeks apart, but he died suddenly and way too soon. I never had nor ever will meet a man who lit up a room as he did.

Ali and I settled down into one of the big sleek couches, big glasses of prime wine in hand, and proceeded to catch up on a lot. Family news, work, new man in her life and in mine. Decades apart in age, we felt like New Best Friends Forever chattering about the important things in life.

One thing about Ali I could not help noticing -- you would, too -- was her perfect skin. Flawless, even. When she reached into her big work bag, saying she had something to give me, I was not surprised when it turned out to be the Instant Gratification item below: Trilogy Organic Rosehip Oil.

Ali is Training & Development Manager in the UK and Ireland for Trilogy, a New Zealand-based skincare product company founded by two sisters, Catherine and Sarah ("sisterology," they call their partnership). According to Ali's informal pitch to me, the products are organic, hyper-tested, pure, etc.

"Make a conscious decision," the company says, "about the way you care for your skin, your wellbeing and your world." I like the idea of linking the care of my face to the care of the world, however tenuous that link may actually be.

Though after using the Rosehip Oil for more than a month, I believe Trilogy and Ali are being straight with us. There's something good going on here. You only use a few drops each morning and evening, but they sink in and definitely make a difference in tone and texture. I'm hooked.

Instant Gratification: "Natural Skincare That Works"

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