My favorite T-shirt. Used to be my son's. Says it all. 

We need backup teams to get through this life. What I call my Life Management Team is the lawyer, internist, dentist, therapist, mechanic, financial advisor (if we're so lucky to need one), handyman, manicurist, pest control guy, colorist, and so on that keeps me safe, solvent and sane. My family and friends keep me sane, too, but that's another kind of team.

And there's this team, the non-human group of bottles, cans, sprays, cleansers, polishes, brushes, boxes, and jars lined up on the shelf that you rely on to come through when you need them. The Product Team.

Today's tip from my personal Product Team to you is Clorox 2 Stain Fighter & Color Booster (Fight! Boost! Yeah!). Maybe you know all about this wonder laundry stain remover already. My mother never mentioned it, so I only discovered it recently after bright red Popsicle juice dripped on my favorite T-shirt.

Nothing worked to get it out and -- desperate, because there are memories associated with that shirt --  I went online to see if I could find a miracle. When one customer reviewer claimed to have gotten a nine-week-old strawberry cheesecake stain out of a comforter with Clorox 2, I thought I'd better let it try out for my Product Team.

Following the directions to the letter, I poured the stuff into the wash cycle and rubbed some directly onto the stain. When I later pulled the T-shirt out of the washing machine, the stain had disappeared, totally. So I tried Clorox 2 on older stains I'd given up on. They disappeared, too.

Funny how these small triumphs make such a life-changing difference.

Instant Gratification: "Clean Your Home With Clorox"

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